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Ivana de vivanco

Ivana De Vivanco

Ivana de Vivanco– Born in Lisbon, 1989, is a Chilean-Peruvian artist and she studied at the Universidad de Chile. Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany, where she graduated as a master student of Annette Schröter in 2016. Recent exhibitions include: Blind Eye, Casa de Indias and The Ryder Projects, Cádiz; Universe 4 at Galerie Droste, Paris; Hollywood Road at Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong; Eve Presents#1at Eve Leibe Gallery, London; Good Look, Archiv Massiv at Spinnerei, Leipzig.

Ivana De Vivanco Holy Sample 2021 Acrylic and oil on canvas 45 x 40 cm
Holy Sample
Ivana De Vivanco Heavy Tears 2021 Acrylic and oil on canvas 45 x 40 cm
Heavy Tears
Ivana De Vivanco Falling eyes 2021 Oil on wood, resin, cords, cement, metallic chains 280 x 80 x 47cm (approx.)
Falling Eyes