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Born in 1999, Buenos Aires
Lives and works in Argentina

Sofia Muljat, inspired both by personal experiences and her psychology degree, has established a close relationship with issues related to mental health and the influence that mind and body have on each other and vice versa. Hence her interest in how art and psyche intersect, between consciousness and instinct, emotions and bodily reactions, unknown and paradox. Through the use of oils and acrylics on canvas, she creates universes rich in overlaps, layers to immerse oneself in and then get lost. The recurrence of gestures in various sizes, colour scales, and depths produces organic, undulating forms, and translucent transparencies. This propels Sofia Muljat towards a distinctive representation of the intricacies of mental structures, culminating in a deluge of abstract thoughts. This emphasis on the incorporeal hemisphere reveals the most concealed and mysterious recesses within.

It' Better To dance in Community 2023 oil on canvas 70x94 cm

It’s Better to Dance in Community

Tremolo Oil paint on Canvas 93 x 119 cm 2023


Within the Whirlwind of the mind there is a body Oil on canvas 97 x 93 cm

Within the Whirlwind of the Mind There is a Body

Preciado Amuleto 2023 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 27 cm

Preciado Amuleto