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Soko (1995) born in Argentina, is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Berlin. Her approach isinfluenced by poetry, nature, and buddhist philosophy. She is spontaneous and intuitive in her practice. Soko’swork is about feeling and color, unhinged, and yet simultaneously harmonic, above all it is spiritual. The artistcreates luxurious surface textures with her brushstrokes, which she freely moves across the canvas.

Wild nature abduction_150 x 170 cm_ oil on canvas_ 2022
Wild nature abduction
Use the dark to see_150x180cm_oil on canvas_2022
Use the dark to see
I dissolve but I return_110 x 90 cm_oil on canvas_2022
I dissolve but i return
My path is caos and my great love disobedience_92 x 76cm_ oil on canvas_2022
My path is caos and my great love disobedience